Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fragranced, Waxed, Ripped & Tattooed; Meet The Latest Iteration in Male Vanity, The Spornosexual

Pop Star Justin Beiber

The late American Designer Oscar De La Renta once quipped 'Style begins by looking good naked' and those words make up the mantra for most of today's Spornosexuals. They are the latest iteration in male vanity and are referred to as the offspring of Metrosexuals. The term 'Metrosexual' was born over 20 years ago and it's poster boy was David Beckham. However with the Spornosexual, Canadian pop star Justin Beiber is in the lead to claiming the poster boy role. 

Coincidentally Mark Simpson who coined the term 'Metrosexual' is also responsible for 'Spornosexual'. He explains that this new breed of man puts the 'sex' in metrosexual with sports influences. The Spornosexuals bear most of the Metrosexual traits like moisturizing, grooming and a love for clothes but this is where the difference emerges. They are more into sportswear and gear or clothes that show off their ripped and inked bodies. 

Kettle-bell, core twists, planks, crunches are some of their most used words and they go to the gym with religious fervor. It's interesting if you trace the origin of the word gym which stems from Greek word gymnos translated to mean naked. In this porn age where most men aspire to look like the pornstars they watch, looking good naked is now the aim of all the men who contributed to the £260million worth of the UK fitness supplement industry. 

Tennis Star Rafael Nadal for Emporio Armani Jeans
Fascination with the male form is at an all time high. Guys are constantly comparing themselves with each other when they are out and feel the need to possess a porn star like body so they can be desired by females or other males.  Social media in this digital age also plays a major influence today and I'm sure some of you are overwhelmed by the amount of shameless gym selfies most of your mates take with the excuse of documenting their workout improvements. 

It's kind of hard now to point a finger at these guilty, self obsessed spornosexuals without having one or two fingers pointed at you. Most of us are now registered to gyms and have tried out working with a personal trainer whether we do these things actively or not, we have added to this ultimate ideal. Those of us who are not registered at the gym still do some sort of floor exercises or work outs on our own.

For Generation Y the new male ideal has changed. Fitness is becoming increasingly important and things like pot bellies are taboos whereas in previous generations the are accepted. Every image we see of the modern man in popular culture whether it's movies or in sports most of them are all ripped and have some form of ink on them. The Spornosexual man is the apple of modern marketing's eyes and their spending power can't be overlooked. 
Portuguese Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo for Emporio Armani
This whole new self addiction and desire to be desired not for what you're wearing but for your body has created a whole new set of entrepreneurs from personal trainers, bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers who all profit or earn a living from fueling and meeting these needs. 

American Model Steve Milatos

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