Monday, October 6, 2008

High top Sneakers For Autumn

So summer's gone and autumns here, the temperature starts to fall and you realise most of your lightweight summer outfits don't kick it anymore. Not to worry the colder the weather, the greater's the opportunity to layer. Due to the weather you'll have to ditch your sandals and plimsolls and go for hightop sneakers or boots to protect your ankles and also remain stylish. I'll keep searching the net and bringing you the hottest hightops out there. Anyway here are a few-

Alejandro Ingelmo- Very chic and stylish with it's golden metallic hue

Maison Martin Margiela- This Belgian designer has always continue to deliver the right goods. These are-??? some chinese stuff i saw on the net... it's all about the idea, you could find something similar.

Ann Demeulemeester- Another Belgian powerhouse, offering this incredibly awesome two toned sneakers. Balenciaga- Jet black and very sporty, if you are the skinny jeans or classic cut dude this would go perfectly with both.


Mat Ahoy - Buckets and Spades said...


sorry i haven't replied abit earlier, i've been away at uni for a few days without much internet access. about the new blog, sounds like a good idea but unfortunately i wouldn't want to commit to something that i can't fufill. i wouldn't like to say yes and not be able to keep up with my contridution as i'm at uni and work in my spare time ( as you have prob noticed i don't update my blog to much and when i do it's short and sweet).

sorry again.

for good hi-tops go to kurt geiger ( search for them on google)

Terencesambowrites said...

haha mat1 short and sweet! yeah no problem i totally understand. seems like i and Fred would get along with it but it's still open to you whenever you're ready


high top still big in fashion! Nice post indeed love the gold pair.

Anonymous said...

i love the first one!! then the gold one, then the random high top black ones... heart! veree fab for winter!

Anonymous said...

Awesome shoes man especially the last black high tops. Very clean.


Terencesambowrites said...

yeah i love that a lot too marston :o)

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