Sunday, July 28, 2013

HYPEBEAST: Why Fashion Needs Print

Stumbled upon yet again a beautifully written piece on Hypebeast by Eugene Kan. He wrote about Why print is still needed in fashion and contrary to popular beliefs that digital will make print obsolete, the former will be here for much longer. See an excerpt below.

As we move forward, we’re certain the best days of print are behind us. There does however lie a strong presence to be had via print and many elements of its consumption are yet to be superseded by any digital approach. The tangible feel of that slightly grainy paper, the smell elicited off the printing press, the slight noise with each turn of the page, these all play to the senses of a creature that has come to love and appreciate having our five senses stimulated. 

We’ve entered an age where each subsequent generation will not understand what it means to be disconnected and offline. A generation that understands and bridges the world of analog and digital will fall to the wayside. This could be the fundamental shift as new generations overlook the beauty of print and become acclimatized to the consumption of content that previous generations found difficult and cumbersome. 

Reading that 10,000-word piece on your smartphone may become second nature — or perhaps our continually diminishing levels of patience will never let it happen. We’d go out on a limb to say that modern day print isn’t dead, but simply the way it needs to be applied has changed.

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