Thursday, August 23, 2012

How a Poker Player's Dress Can Impact Their Table Image

With the ever growing popularity of the game of poker, many people have begun to throw regular poker parties. These parties are typically for fun, but many have actually become somewhat serious affairs as more serious players look to hone their skills. Part of honing one's game is establishing a solid table image and how one dresses makes a huge impact on their overall table image.

For example, when you see someone show up to a poker party wearing designer silk shirts, nice slack, and expensive loafers, this person is trying to show off and let people know that he has money. Depending on how big the stakes are at the party, he may be a very loose player since losing will not dramatically impact him.

If someone shows up to the table wearing a nice button up dress shirt and khaki pants, this person may be viewed as more of a conservative player. He may look like someone that just came into the game straight from work. Conservative dress many times will translate into someone that is a more conservative player.

Then you have your "grinder" types. Those players may come in looking like they rolled out of bed and wearing jeans and a t-shirt, sweats with a hoodie, or anything they deem "comfortable." These players are trying to show that they are there to play, they know how to play, and are usually perceived to be better overall players.

Knowing the above will present some great opportunities for exploiting your table image during the games. For example, a more conservative player may not be expected to bluff that much, if at all. A conservative looking player can then throw out a few more bluffs successfully than other players.

A players that is perceived to be a very loose player can actually use this to his advantage as well. Many times, if he is perceived to be loose, his bets will get called down with greater frequency. As such, when he does get a good hand he can bet more and get paid off for his hand.

The old saying of "clothes make the man" holds true in poker as in other aspects of life. If you want to portray a certain image at the tables, consider modifying your dress to give off that image. Then you can sit back and make adjustments as needed in order to win the most during the game.

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