Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Q & A with Finnish Designer Fernando Korpi

At what point did you realize you wanted to be a designer?

When I read an article from a fashion magazine about Cheap Monday´s commercial success. I was about 20 years old. The older I got the more interested I got about fashion.

In what way has fashion marketing and branding helped your new label?

I have been concentrating on web marketing. Through social networks such as Facebook and fashion blogs I have gained new customers and contacts and enhanced our brand. On the internet only the sky is the limit!

Starting at a time when most label are packing up , what's your success strategy?

In my opinion many new labels (in Finland) start their business in "wrong way": they start out too big, for example rent the best locations for their showrooms and studios and invest on expensive equipment before the real business has even started! We started with a small collection, but from early on we emphasized the power of marketing like they do for example in Sweden. Later we might attend some trade fairs and fashion week. At the moment we are working on FK webshop which will be opened on August 2010.

What will you say is your brands unique selling point?

We are branding our menswear fashion collection with Scandinavian taste and attitude. Our garments are made of simple fabrics like college, tricot, leather and raw jeans. Simple but stylish!

The pressures of designing for yourself and designing a commercial collection are certainly different, how was the experience in creating your first commercial collection?

My strength is commercial approach. I focus on ready-to-wear clothing and apparels, so the designing of a commercial collection wasn´t that difficult. My style as a designer is bright and colourful yet well considered.

Finland is starting to become a bit more recognized in fashion like their other Scandinavian brothers Sweden and Denmark, what other things are needed to boost your country's fashion status?

Jealousy is a part of Finnish mentality. We don´t boost one another. Trade fairs are out of date, but we have lot of talent and upcomers for international markets. We need more self-confidence and financial investments.

In 10 years time what would you want people to think of when they hear Fernando Korpi?

"From rags to roses!"

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