Thursday, April 30, 2009

Men's Suits [Importance of Fit]

A Suit is one of the most elegant outfits a man can adorn. Suits exude a sort of character that earns its wearer a relative amount of reverence. The most important thing about a suit however is not its price or exclusiveness of the cloth but its FIT.
A Suit jacket is meant to Suit your body and be in harmony with the trousers. Its wrong to wear slim fit Suit jackets with billowy trousers it makes the whole outfit look naff. The cuts and details applied in the tailoring of suits makes it the best disguisery tool for the human form. It can be engineered specifically to hide certain flaws like a tubby tummy, huge cetera.
Bespoke suits are the ideal but that's not everyone's lot. If you buy ready to wear suits you can get them touched up by a tailor in certain areas. I advise against buying suits online, find time to go to the store and try out the suit with a three-way mirror so you get a look at all the sides to make sure it disguises the right spots :o]
The Suits featured are all by Full Circle except the grey which is Asosman.


The Seeker said...

I soooooo agree with you.


Estela Dunacan said...

Wow! what a nice clothing for men! and one thing that i know about the types of man's suits is the blue pinstripe suit that is basically my friend wears during his office hours...

Luxury tie designer said...

You are so right. The fit means everything. Loving the suit in the first picture very nice!

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