Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sean LaMont Bankhead (American Prodigy)

Meet the amazing American dancer and choreographer Sean LaMont Bankhead, responsible for some of the terrific routines you've seen in music videos or on stage. His competence has led him to venture into TV with the likes of Hannah Montana and movies. And last year he performed single ladies with Beyonce on the Tyra banks show better than most of the male versions on youtube and i thought it was only right to introduce this budding talent to you. Where are you from?

I was born in Philadelphia but grew up in Atlanta so i rep the A!

What names are you known by?

Some people call me Exxclusive because that was the name of the group i created but everyone pretty much knows me as Sean LaMont Bankhead. How long have you been dancing professionally?

I have been dancing since i was 2 watching michael jackson on TV and i started professionally when i was 17 which was 3 years ago when i signed to Bloc South my agency.

How did you get casted to dance for Beyonce?

My best friend JaQuel Knight who did the choreography for the single ladies video recommended me to Frank Gatson (Beyonce's artistic director)..who already knew who i was and it kinda fell in place after that.

Dance as an art can be expressed the same way either sex , like your performance of single ladies...how do you feel about this?

I love the fact that i was given the opportunity to do the Tyra banks show with her. Loads of "straight" dancers would have thought doing that show would have been career suicide for the simple fact that most people think that the routine is "girly or c#nt" but if you look closely its all country grooves and j-setting..which i applaud Jaquel for incorporating into the mainstream world. Most times dancers are like how do you dance with Young Jeezy then start j-setting with Beyonce but it gave a chance to show everyone that i was a versatile dancer with the ability to get out of my comfort zone, so to speak and try different styles. And it was great for the resume you know (smiles) everyone and they momma seemed to have seen it (laughs).

What other artists/celebs/musicians have you worked with?

I have actually been very blessed to work with A LOT of different people. I just choreographed a number for Britney Spears's Circus tour. I have done choreography for Keri Hilson, Diddy, Cheri Dennis, Young Jeezy, Ludacris, T- Pain and Tiffany Evans. I also got to work with Hannah Montana, Cherish, Donna Summer, Black eyed peas, and even DJ UNK (laughs). There's more but these are the main ones. Do you see yourself doing stuff in hollywood like dance movies and all?

I actually just moved to Cali finally! and i'm one of the producers of a feature film titled "Side Story" thats in pre-production right now. I also got on the project as co-choreographer with my good friend Tucker Barkley (everyone should youtube him) and the executive producer of the movie decided to give me a contract as a producer which was a major blessing.

In reaching this point in life there are a couple of people who have helped you along the way either with a kind word or some other form of support, would like you mention a few names:

I got great!! friends and family who have supported me along the way, of course my 2 parents and my brother, my best friends Jaquel, Jaybee, Ianna, Ambrya, Christian, Puff, xavier, Codie, Jamaica who really gave me a huge push into the industry. My agents Nefertiti and Sindy who are two of my best supporters, my friends from high school (Brittney Griffen), my brothers from another Tracie, Kelli, Olive, Leon, and of course Papa! (laughs) and last but not least Byron..there are sooooo many more but those are off the top of my head!

Click Here to watch his Tyra banks show performance.

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