Saturday, March 14, 2009

Marcus Patrick: Frank Talk

Marcus Patrick the British actor is well known on American TV for parts in drama series like My Wife & Kids , CSI:Miami , Passions , Days of our Lives and All My Children and also being part of boyband Worlds Apart. After his nude photo shoot for Playgirl his fame went to a whole new level and he got a bad rap from some folks but in hollywood there's no such thing as bad publicity. He took advantage of this and turned himself into a brand selling all sorts of merchandise and dancing at clubs. But this interview was not about the latter, was more about his acting career and getting to know him on a personal level. When you arrived the united states were you already certain of what you were going to do?

Yes I knew i was going to end up an actor in the action field.Wasn't sure I'd also end up ripping my clothes off but this is America and they love this business here. Cash everywhere for it..

How difficult was it for you being a british actor to break into hollywood?

I had to learn Lot's of accents including American of course. I had a few hurdles to jump and still do. Often get called too pretty by the casting directors. They want thugs sometimes.

What was the experience like acting in all the drama series?

I've had some fun experiences on all the different sets I've been on. But now that I have tried them all out I know that I am suited for Film. It allows me to be more real. most of the other genres are a little surreal or pushed. I like the real type of film acting best, although I do love a good comedy.

what was your music career experience like ?

My Music was a fun initiation in to the cut throat world of entertainment. Simon Cowall was No BS. He worked us hard and pulled no punches. He was always Cool to me.. Called Me a SuperStar So I never once had to beat him down (laughs) just kidding.

What you got to say to people with hollywood dreams being that you've enjoyed relative success?

Hollywood is smoke screens and mirrors. Don't be fooled by all the glamorous fronts you see on the TV. It's hard work and often very low paid to get yourself going.. I'm still dancing for Cash with all my films Out. And the Soaps don't pay big change either.. it's all a game... Now You can make it but just be aware your gonna need a regular job too all the way. And do it because you love it. Don't get in the game for money, do it because it's your God passion, then you'll be good all the way. It's more important to be a good person than a famous one. Many of the celebs are doing some pretty crazy things these days. God Bless you all.


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