Friday, February 20, 2009


Kristian Walker (pictured 3rd from left) the lead singer of the UK band Last Gang recently featured in Burberry The Beat fragrance ads ( see previous post ). The other band members are Matt Knee (pictured first), Mark Crossley (second) and Ritchie Townend(pictured fourth). Riding on the new publicity for the band i thought to catch up with the Burberry man and ask him a few questions.
What inspired the name- Last Gang ?

We got our name from The Clash, they had a song called Last Gang in Town so we just took the first couple of words. There's a certain togetherness about the name which is reflected by how the band are.

Can you tell me a bit about you and your bandmates?

I write songs , sing and play guitar. That's about it really for me. Ritchie Townend plays lead guitar and does backing vocals, Matt Knee plays the drums and Mark Crossely plays the bass guitar and does backing vocals.

What kind of influence would you want your music to have on ppl ?

Iwould stay a positive influence on people.I like to tell people that they have got their own mind and that they can make their own decisions. We are always been told how bad things are by the influence of T.V'S and newspapers but its not that bad, we could all sit around feeling miserable but whats the point. Stand up for yourself, do what you think is right, it might not be the best decision but we all learn from our mistakes.

What are the dreams and aspirations of The Last Gang?

I just want our music to be heard all over the world.I want to play in front of thousands of people. Hopefully people will listen to the words and be inspired in some just like i was.

Click Here to get a listen to their songs which are incredible by the way. You can also check out their Facebook and Myspace pages. SHOW SOME LOVE TO THESE GUYS PEOPLE & DO LISTEN TO THEIR SONGS.


Anonymous said...

wow. awesome little interview here. i thorougly enjoyed reading it all.

Terence Sambo said...

thanx :o)

Philippa said...

Thank you :) They seem really cool... Do we have a new "Clash" style band? Hihi

Terence Sambo said...

u shdl get a listen to their songs again n u'll notice sth :o)

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