Monday, September 8, 2008

What's all the hype about Jonas Brothers????

I’ll tell you what, so your sister or your girlfriend love them and cannot let you hear any other thing than their constant arguments over who’s the cutest. Well I’d say a lot of effective marketing and very good public relations worked for these boys. They don’t make the make the greatest music but in other to deal effectively with their weakness they’ve greatly relied on their strengths which include: good looks and most especially their very daring and bold style.

They are always well tailored and break any fashion rule they want with reckless abandon. Nick and Joe are especially fond of rolling up the sleeves of their blazers. This alone would be very intolerable to some Italian and Frenchmen but hey, these guys are young and are rock stars! The only types of clothing they wear are form fitting that are associated with rock stars and I’d also add that these boys have been able to perfectly portray their image and music through their clothes. As humans we all love to follow people who look like they got a direction as opposed to people who perambulate aimlessly. Can’t be envious of the Jonas brothers for their imminent success and fame, they were dressed for it!


Bombchell said...

according to my little cousins, they love them because they're cute. and i believe watching them grow up in disney from their show has formed some kind of bond btwn them [shrugs]

Terencesambowrites said...

Yeah impressions made during childhood last forever

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