Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What's your poison

I usually write about men’s fashion and stuff around it, but I decided to wax a little philosophical due to a conversation I had with an old friend. It’s the type of conversation which some say is worth more than years of education. You know and its funny we had not seen or spoken to each other in almost eight years, and I had doubts, I thought all that time apart?, would we still be able to connect? Would we just spend one boring hour together trying to get along? But I guess what they say is real that time apart makes a loving heart grow fonder. The last time we were together we were boys now we had grown into men. We had to catch up on each others life from the time we last saw up till the present. We talked about our successes and failures, girlfriends we had over the years, parents, school, goals, dreams and aspiration.

Then we started to be a little more trusting of each other, talked about our fears after that it got a little bit deeper and we started to talk about things we had told very few people or no one at all.

He poured out all his garbage” poisons” and then it was my turn. At first I did not have anything to say because really on the surface I was almost perfect, nothing absurd or disturbing could be traced. But he was like, I had to have something, u know something I was not really proud of, he asked me to dig deep. I tried to dig deep like he wanted but I probably was not digging deep enough until he mouthed the words “what’s your poison?” that struck me! I began to recall all the stuff I did occasionally, more like habitually that I was not proud of, some people call them guilty pleasures, other’s sweet sins. Then it dawned on me that different people had different poisons, for some it was drug abuse, infidelity, promiscuity, covetousness, hatred, unforgiveness, regret and all sorts.

Then the most important part of the conversation came. He asked me how I was dealing with the poisons. I just shrugged and told him I had already agreed that it was a part of who I was. But he disagreed with me on the spot, he told me to keep fighting it no matter what, I countered him saying that I had been fighting with these poisons for the most part of my life and now I was just ready to accept and live with them. But he was able to convince me to try one last time and put all I have into it and I reluctantly agreed. On my way back home I thought a lot about what he said I found some truth in it. I don’t care how painful or how much things I would have to sacrifice to flush these poisons out of my life, but one thing’s for sure if I have to keep fighting till I draw my last breath I will.

So this is to everyone who’s dealing with whatever kinds of poison you are not alone, hang in there like a gallant soldier that you are. You either find a way or you make one (sic). But don’t stop trying to be better and do not accept anything you do not want in your life whether it be a habit or whatever kind of addiction. The truth in life is, almost everybody has one. And sometimes you just need the words of a true friend or someone who cares about you to see that you can deal with whatever’s bothering you . My advice to everyone is to be nice to everyone you can in any way and most off all do not forget old friends, they are the only ones we can afford to be as stupid as we want with, the only ones who love us for who we are and are not ashamed of who we’ve become.

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