Friday, July 18, 2008

Nail Care

We all know biting your nails is a bad habit. I was kind of addicted to it while I was little, nothing my mom said or did could stop me from nibbling. But as I moved into my teenage years and started becoming aware of the opposite sex and the entire boy girl puppy lovey dovey I realized it was time to shirk the habit.

In caring for your nails these are basics
1. Collect your supplies; metal nail file, nail clippers, nail brush, manicure scissors, orange sticks, nail buffer and all in one cuticle lotion.

2. Grab your nail brush and lather it up with soap. Apply little pressure to scrub under the nails and all other areas that gather dirt.

3. Trim any loose piece of skin, such as hangnails from around each nail.

4. Trim your nails straight across, instead of in a curve, to avoid any ingrown nails.

5. Use a file to tame sharp and rough corners of your nails. Always use a file from the center of the nail in one direction.

6. Work a good cream into your hands, could be scented or unscented.

Use a quality pair of nail clippers which will last a lifetime and provide a clean careful cut. Make sure your nails measure a quarter of an inch beyond your fingertips.

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